Happy New Year!!! Resolutions? Lemme think!

Another new page comes over now. I couldn't thank God more for giving me another year to carve something into my life sculptures. Again, I have no idea how is it going on this year, whether as wonderful, as stronger, as motivated as the past few years, I wonder about that too.

Often, the main issue of each year non other than the resolutions. For me, I already surrendered to list down such silliness since few years ago. I just don't believe listing it down would make you any better coz the fact is, the spirit will immediately faded away anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong, me myself, I always want a better life, improvements, success, achievements, but thing is, you just can't really plan it. Unless, you're gifted to vision your post future how it's gonna be.

Really, 2015 seem interesting to hope high since 2014 was not too kind to I must say, everybody in the world. Fatal, lost, catastrophes, happened at the point of unfair. Too much bad memories than sweet ones! I'm talking on behalf of almost all of us globally as for me personally, I've had sweetest ones to be honest.

But, let's make it this simple. I believe in the concept of 'go with the flow' thingy. In fact, I already practiced it since few years ago. Doesn't mean, all you want to achieve must be fixed by exactly on the January 1, every year. You could think and start working on it way before the particular starter date or vice-versa.

That's why there goes the saying said 'every day is a learning process'. Either to discover new knowledge, type of peoples, skills, or whatever, don't bother to ignore it. Absorb whatever things come to you while you still given the opportunity to have it. Handle with care, make use of it cleverly, and always improve your skill to play whatever kind of games.

Most of all, expect the unexpected! You never know, whether bad or good things may be very useable to you one fine day. Take risk, learn the lessons, get wiser, open up your mind, and embrace every each your days.

I know this post may be too general, but, lemme tell you, in life, to having such values and kept that on mind will make huge changes in our life. Remember, you're the one who should control of your life. Make fully use of your brain and never ever think of giving up.

I really want to surprise myself if any form of things this year. And I am sooo ready to embark my journey for 2015. How about you? ARE YOU READY?!!!

Happy New Year!