I'm A Proud Country Guy!

Never forget your roots. Simple but yet so powerful! Doesn't matter what kind of interpretations we have on that, but everybody should bear that principal in mind.
   I always wanna go far from my original hometown. I just wanna discover more outside my world. And I did it, now I'm officially a metropolitan resident.
   But one thing I never lose regardless the point that I've been everywhere, is the taste of my own home. I mean the place I belong to.
   In fact, I even thought of migrating someday to somewhere far where the place suits me the best to settle down. It's scattered anyway coz yeah I keep changing mind about places I think well deserved to live in. Either Europe or Australia or maybe States.
   However, the bonding between me and my roots apparently unbeatable. I just don't feel like there's a place that more amazing than my own home.
   I always proud to call myself a guy from countryside. Grown up surrounded by no vast things but never makes me feel ungrateful.
   My culture especially, born from Dusun ethnicity, I'm glad that I never ever missed anything about my roots. In fact, I still can really speak my own language fluently besides mostly now I'm using Malay and English languages in my everyday conversations.
   This makes me wonder sometimes whenever I met peoples who completely lost of their own roots. And truth to be told, they not even know single things about it.
   That's why I will never doubt of going back to any occasions on going in hometown. I know I miss things a lot and I really want to make it less happened.
   I'm glad I did it everytime coz that is the only time I think can really rejuvenate my spirit back. That's the only time I think I can recharge my own spirit, catching up with the family, relatives, fresh countryside air, cultured occasions, wonderful!
   Recently, I went back for my cousin's solemnization + reception. It's a very impromptu plan but I'm glad I made the decision. What is more amazing thing than wake up in the morning at your own home, with breathtaking air and scenery, and your beloved family members are waiting to have breakfast with you at the living room? Blissful!

Pix descriptions:
1. My beloved hometown's scenery.
2. The solemnization ceremony.
3. Me & the boys from family.
4. The girls rocking the Dusuns costumes.


Beautiful Love: Rangga & Cinta!

Back in 2002, there was a movie that everyone's talking about even up until recently. We know a movie is either very bad or very good if peoples keep talking about it for ages. But this one is neither, it's phenomenal! I can say the movie titled Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) from Indonesia is nothing extra-ordinary when it goes to theme but the storyline was amazingly executed. Yeah, it's a love story but not everyone's type of love tale.

To be honest, I was one of them who found out or rather say didn't really excited about the movie initially. Until one day I was alone and watched it with all focus. I won't lie but yeah I cried, like, really cried. You can tell, that's how touchable the movie directed by Rudy Soedjarwo. No wonder some people can really watch it repeatedly.

It's about a love relationship between two high school student Cinta (played by Indonesia's distinguish actress, Dian Sastrowardoyo) and Rangga (played by Indonesia's heartthrob, Nicholas Saputra). They have like Yin Yang kind of personalities. Cinta is very alive while Rangga is a mysterious guy. But one book change their fate in love. Well, something like that.

However, the ending quite upsetting when the story just stopped with Rangga gone to New York while Cinta remains in Jakarta. Of course, everybody wanna know what happens next. I guess, the director have no plan to do the next sequel and there's no point waiting until this...

I'm glad that finally at least there's a continuation of this after waited sooo long. On another note, I'm not promoting Line here okay.

To AADC fanatics, enjoy!!!!!

Screw SPM!

In this week of big examination for Malaysian going on, I would like to share my experiences during my days as one of the hopeful candidates. Yes, who doesn't want to score good results for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)? BTW, that exam results is a real deal for Malaysian to determine where to go after high school ended.

So, back then, I was a kind of student who doesn't really brilliant in term of brains. I'm not like others who can understand on the spot about what the teachers teach. I am more likely to study by myself and used memorizing rather than understanding. Well, that's how it works for me eventually.

SPM really put someone on pressure. Been there done that, I actually kinda frustrated with the results I got since I expected more. The only thing I proud the most was when I got B for Biology subject far better than the final trial when I failed that paper.

Until, I realized that SPM is not everything. I have witnessed a lot of brilliant peoples (during school days) finally settled down with unconvincing jobs, not aspiring ones. Deep down, I kinda curious what happened actually but at same point I think it's not really something I should be concern about.

Yeah, fate won't be the same for everyone. In fact, there are so many elements that actually can pan us to better opportunities without depending much on the SPM results. I think, its almost not helping at all coz at the end of the day, you future depending on your drives.

But, I must admit educations are so compulsory and can transmit us to higher levels. That's why, during Pre-U and Unihood, I never neglected the importance of getting good results. Although to be honest I'm more playful than studying during that period, but I will definitely put some efforts for exams.

Well, the fact that I didn't score excellent results but still managed to graduate is more than what I'm asking for.

My point here is, do score for your SPM obviously but don't think hard about the results. The real world you have to deal eventually requires you to be more strong, self-driven, ambitious, competitive, wiser, and strongly believe in yourself.