Hey Indonesia. Hey Jakarta!

I always wanna go to Indonesia. Doesn't matter which part it may be but I just wanna be there.

Frankly speaking, I don't fancy the country (I mean Indonesia is not in my wish list travel destinations) but I just feel like I wanna experience the ambience there. That's it.

Finally, I made it to Jakarta recently even tho it's not a personal trip. I was there for work where I met this most-talked South Korean actor, Joo Won (I'm clearly not a fan but he's nice).

It was a very short & packed trip. I must admit my whole trip was super tiring, it could kill my mood but lucky my level of excitement still tolerable.

All this while, peoples (those who already been there) told me the road is the most disastrous part. Traffic in Jakarta will make you feel like not coming back there/to be grateful with the traffics in Malaysia.

Well, apparently I learned something from my trip there. It's not that always the road being cruel to you. If you lucky enough, you won't go thru such hell. And, I'm obviously lucky.

But my favourite part of the trip was the lodging. We stayed at Keraton by The Plaza, Thamrin Road. At first, I thought it will be just another luxury room but obviously more fascinating than I imagined. Sadly, I stayed only one night there.

Other parts just normal to me. Kuala Lumpur city still way better compared to Jakarta in term of infrastructures.

Here are some of the photos I took during my trip there.

The bed. Uh-mazinggg!

The welcoming tidbits.

The bathroom (the part I loved the most in a hotel room esp bathtub).

My smoking port at 7th floor (where the breakfast place located).

Roaming around to see the nightlife.