I'm A Proud Country Guy!

Never forget your roots. Simple but yet so powerful! Doesn't matter what kind of interpretations we have on that, but everybody should bear that principal in mind.
   I always wanna go far from my original hometown. I just wanna discover more outside my world. And I did it, now I'm officially a metropolitan resident.
   But one thing I never lose regardless the point that I've been everywhere, is the taste of my own home. I mean the place I belong to.
   In fact, I even thought of migrating someday to somewhere far where the place suits me the best to settle down. It's scattered anyway coz yeah I keep changing mind about places I think well deserved to live in. Either Europe or Australia or maybe States.
   However, the bonding between me and my roots apparently unbeatable. I just don't feel like there's a place that more amazing than my own home.
   I always proud to call myself a guy from countryside. Grown up surrounded by no vast things but never makes me feel ungrateful.
   My culture especially, born from Dusun ethnicity, I'm glad that I never ever missed anything about my roots. In fact, I still can really speak my own language fluently besides mostly now I'm using Malay and English languages in my everyday conversations.
   This makes me wonder sometimes whenever I met peoples who completely lost of their own roots. And truth to be told, they not even know single things about it.
   That's why I will never doubt of going back to any occasions on going in hometown. I know I miss things a lot and I really want to make it less happened.
   I'm glad I did it everytime coz that is the only time I think can really rejuvenate my spirit back. That's the only time I think I can recharge my own spirit, catching up with the family, relatives, fresh countryside air, cultured occasions, wonderful!
   Recently, I went back for my cousin's solemnization + reception. It's a very impromptu plan but I'm glad I made the decision. What is more amazing thing than wake up in the morning at your own home, with breathtaking air and scenery, and your beloved family members are waiting to have breakfast with you at the living room? Blissful!

Pix descriptions:
1. My beloved hometown's scenery.
2. The solemnization ceremony.
3. Me & the boys from family.
4. The girls rocking the Dusuns costumes.


Beautiful Love: Rangga & Cinta!

Back in 2002, there was a movie that everyone's talking about even up until recently. We know a movie is either very bad or very good if peoples keep talking about it for ages. But this one is neither, it's phenomenal! I can say the movie titled Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) from Indonesia is nothing extra-ordinary when it goes to theme but the storyline was amazingly executed. Yeah, it's a love story but not everyone's type of love tale.

To be honest, I was one of them who found out or rather say didn't really excited about the movie initially. Until one day I was alone and watched it with all focus. I won't lie but yeah I cried, like, really cried. You can tell, that's how touchable the movie directed by Rudy Soedjarwo. No wonder some people can really watch it repeatedly.

It's about a love relationship between two high school student Cinta (played by Indonesia's distinguish actress, Dian Sastrowardoyo) and Rangga (played by Indonesia's heartthrob, Nicholas Saputra). They have like Yin Yang kind of personalities. Cinta is very alive while Rangga is a mysterious guy. But one book change their fate in love. Well, something like that.

However, the ending quite upsetting when the story just stopped with Rangga gone to New York while Cinta remains in Jakarta. Of course, everybody wanna know what happens next. I guess, the director have no plan to do the next sequel and there's no point waiting until this...

I'm glad that finally at least there's a continuation of this after waited sooo long. On another note, I'm not promoting Line here okay.

To AADC fanatics, enjoy!!!!!

Screw SPM!

In this week of big examination for Malaysian going on, I would like to share my experiences during my days as one of the hopeful candidates. Yes, who doesn't want to score good results for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)? BTW, that exam results is a real deal for Malaysian to determine where to go after high school ended.

So, back then, I was a kind of student who doesn't really brilliant in term of brains. I'm not like others who can understand on the spot about what the teachers teach. I am more likely to study by myself and used memorizing rather than understanding. Well, that's how it works for me eventually.

SPM really put someone on pressure. Been there done that, I actually kinda frustrated with the results I got since I expected more. The only thing I proud the most was when I got B for Biology subject far better than the final trial when I failed that paper.

Until, I realized that SPM is not everything. I have witnessed a lot of brilliant peoples (during school days) finally settled down with unconvincing jobs, not aspiring ones. Deep down, I kinda curious what happened actually but at same point I think it's not really something I should be concern about.

Yeah, fate won't be the same for everyone. In fact, there are so many elements that actually can pan us to better opportunities without depending much on the SPM results. I think, its almost not helping at all coz at the end of the day, you future depending on your drives.

But, I must admit educations are so compulsory and can transmit us to higher levels. That's why, during Pre-U and Unihood, I never neglected the importance of getting good results. Although to be honest I'm more playful than studying during that period, but I will definitely put some efforts for exams.

Well, the fact that I didn't score excellent results but still managed to graduate is more than what I'm asking for.

My point here is, do score for your SPM obviously but don't think hard about the results. The real world you have to deal eventually requires you to be more strong, self-driven, ambitious, competitive, wiser, and strongly believe in yourself.


Dream Trip to Macau!

A friend of mine went to Macau recently. At first, I'm like yeahhh he went for work purpose, maybe? Then my heart not really pounding (normally it will) expecting his trip will be just flat becoz he's working while not knowing he'll be doing something I will definitely envied.

When he started posting his photos there, I'm like totally overwhelmed and obviously envy to the max noticing he's on a cloud nine. Surely, the trip he had gone really opened my eyes to finally put Macau in my travel bucketlist.

The one that definitely caught me was when he did the bungee jumping from on top of the Macau tower. I mean, yeahhh I actually planning to do my very first bungee jump in New Zealand all this while but not anymore. From the top of Macau tower, can you imagine? THAT WOULD BE SUPER AWESOME!!!

Secondly, another one of dream places none other than Venice (who don't wanna go there?!!) and just discovered Macau can promise such atmosphere at The Venetian. Yeahhh, based on the name only, we already can feel the heat, aren't we? I heard (well I saw from the photos actually), the place is a must-visit in Macau especially those who love arts and absolutely shopping!

Lastly, as I got my own principles of travelling, I better leave third one blank since I would love to surprise myself. You know that feeling when we just want to discover something out of the blue. Doesn't matter it is already discovered or not, but obviously that would be more than exciting. Bumped into kind-hearted citizens, lost in some cool places, found some good foods, it could be anything! 

Well, I did this post in conjunction of the contest conducted by Macau Government Tourist Officer and Nuffnang Malaysia just to try my luck this time. Plus, yeahhh now Macau is one of my bucketlist to visit, fingers crossed my dream will comes true. 

And oh ya, dear organisers, don't hesitate to send me coz I definitely will make sure to have fun there regardless to flood my every social medias form with updates while I'm there. *puppyface*

Worth The Wait!

First and foremost, I'm not a gadget pro. Well, I'm not consider myself as ones. I'm not the person who racing over new gadgets unlike others (well, I see many by far) and prefer to just stick to things I think just do justice to me.

But, it comes lately that in order to fulfill everything I love to do right at the moment, gadgets seem really come in handy. Especially towards my so ambitious passion on becoming a great photographer in Instagram. Seems like my Samsung Note 2 can't really defeat the output photos of an iPhone.

Well, not just that, frankly speaking, one of my resolutions this year is collecting gadgets. When I decided that, I actually doubt myself whether I can do it or not since those surely involving lotsa pennies.

The solution I took in order to strongly do it eventually is just not overthinking about it. At the same time, I worked hard to of course topup my saving on top of my necessary expanses each month.

So, few months back, I'm dying to get myself an iPhone as I heard new model which is iPhone 6 will be out soon. I'm sooo excited especially when I saw the leaked design and hundred percent determined to get one. Sadly, the turnout was really put me down and made up my mind to just bought the iPhone 5S.

The purchase officially completed my bucketlist this year which I already got myself a MacBook, digital camera and of course my new baby 5S.

I hate to elaborate what all those for but surely I might need them real soon. Well, I think I just made the resolution possible and it's quite a personal achievement for me to eventually like DID IT! True enough, I must say now I truly believe the idioms "Good things come to him who waits". 

Coffee hunting 1.0 : Wood & Steel, TTDI

Referring to the title, I really shouldn't to call it so since basically what I am doing is just cruising over the city (I mean KL) for good spot to chill. Yeah, been addicted lately to hunt cool places (or should I categorized it hipster spots) for the sake of coffees and taking photos.

I must admit, most probably my main reason is definitely to take photos and share it on my Instagram. But, as I cruised over several places opened up some perspectives to concern about.

Is that place really served good coffee/foods? Is it worth it to hang out? Or too overrated? Maybe just depending on the cool interior designs? Yeah, I began to realise it.

So recently I went to this so famous cafe called Wood & Steel. It's in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Petaling Jaya, and frankly it was a impromptu idea to hang out there. Me and my friends were at a food bazaar before and since we cannot bear the hot weather coz it's outdoor, so we decided to find some place with air-conditioner.

Basically, I didn't really in the mood for eating that time and just ordered chicken wings with iced latte. I just felt that I need to have something cold and not my fav hot cappuccino as usual. The taste were good I must say but not really fancied me.

No offence but judging on my first visit, the real deal of the cafe is actually its interior designs. Yeah, I should admit the place was fancy although we've been talking about some little things should not have been putting there.

It's make me wondering why peoples keep coming there, is really for the sake of the foods and drinks or the place? Don't get me wrong but I will definitely wanna come back again to Wood & Steel to give a try to another meals soon and for a cappuccino, of course!

P/S: So sorry, I forgot to take the crucial photos which are the foods and drinks. Haha!


One of the fearful or I must say stressful things in world is definitely expectations. If could, I prefer to make something the simplest it can be rather than put burdens to myself on fulfilling someone's expectation.

But, knowing the world today (or maybe I must say since then), expectations are too subjective to talk about. We don't really know and can't read someone's thought when it goes to it. That's the part when we'll get stressful and sometimes feeling to immediately give up.

Speaking of which, I finally gutted myself to initiate my own YouTube channel for my singing. It took years for me to do so coz I don't want to make it looks effortless till the point I think I should just leggo that intention.  But, to think serious about it, why not? Better start now than nothing.

As expected, with minor skills with recording + editing, materials, and not so ready vocal, so far the outputs need lots to improve (like massive2 improvement). Been getting so many critics & cynical feedbacks compare to supportive comments. But really, I wasn't negatively affected by that so far and absolutely take all critics to be better.

Me myself wanted to see better progress to what I'm working at, the vocals, recording wise and definitely how to be different. Yas, all of that are not easy since I do it on my own.

One thing, I surely believed that as long as I'm working hard and add-on my enthusiasm, I may doing great one day. Fingers crossed (I know lots of concerned peoples put high expectations on me).

On another note, I'm looking for anyone who willing to maybe teach me how to do proper recording. Or maybe a guitarist for raw live recording. Anyways, feel free to check out my covers on my YouTube channel;


Guy's sunglasses online to grab!

Hi guys. I know it's been a while. So failed when it goes to consistency. Well, yeah life quite rough nowadays. Ahhh, all the time I guess.

Speaking of less-time for myself actually makes me wanted to share about this since long time ago. I think the best way to purchase something without wasting time definitely by online shopping.

I won't say that I am a loyal purchaser for this local online marketplace Zalora (I'm sure you guys already aware about this site) but their service wise is not disappointing. In fact I've been purchasing lots of goods since early this year from the store and the process I must said is so efficient.

Well, I just found out that they're now coming out with new collections targeting male customers especially. I already browsed thru the collections and I must say quite edgy and following the trend. You can choose tho based on your preferences.

 (e.g. of The Street Style sunglasses - photo courtesy of Google)

Here are the descriptions;

The Street Style

This first look is perfect to flaunt on a casual day during the weekends with the dudes or out doing errands. Wear your sunglasses with a long sleeved tee, jeans and a pair of nice loafers for the perfect stylish street style. A nice sunglass will definitely give you an improved look and catch people’s attention even though in your simple laid back outfit. Tuck your hands in your jeans pockets and walk in style everywhere you go without feeling out of style.

The Masculine Appearance

The next look is for the men who wants to show off a sexy aura and masculine look in front of others, especially the ladies. Pull together a shirt, trousers and boots with an oversized sunglass to get that sleek masculine appearance. You will definitely turn heads impressing the ladies with your smart casual look and macho character. Also, this kind of look is the combination of simplicity and sexiness which allows men to look fashionable without looking as if it was planned.

The Sophisticated Man

The third look is suitable for the gentleman who is hardworking in the career and aims to put in a slight hint of fashion in their work attire. It will be great for men to wear a nice pair of sunglasses with their work outfit rushing to the office or important business meetings. This is because it will absolutely maintain your charisma and perfect sense of style everywhere you go.

What are you waiting for? Head to ZALORA SUNGLASSES ONLINE to grab yours!!!