Goodbye beer belly!

Oh no! Dust all over my blog. Been awhile huh? I just recovered from festive season which happened to be real good during me homecoming last Christmas. I drank a lot, ate a lot but the most utmost point was I managed to spend real good quality times with family, friends, and even rejuvenated myself from the working sore last year.

But now it comes to repay time for all the 'damages' during that glory moments when I now have to encounter back my obedient towards fitness and healthy lifestyle. It's a long catchup but surely I'm back on track and ready to be health.

Especially during this season of Lent which started since last week, as a Catholic, I've got strong reason to cut down my meal intake. Basically, I already started my diet regime by reducing carbs intake and hitting treadmill every day unless I have to skip due to some important reason.

One thing I realized, I did reduce some weight but apparently the hardest part is to eliminate the beer belly. I know I've been consuming lot of alcohol lately especially beers and although I did cardio exercises a lot, the results won't be as fast as what I'm expected.
I always say I do fitness for the sake of balancing my not-so-healthy lifestyle but it came to mind recently why not make use of it to get in a very good shape tho. And, really, that is what I do now since all this while I dream to look good as I can too.

One more thing, discipline plays important role to make sure that goal to happen and therefore I do try my best collecting as much proper recipes of healthy food. So far, I just discovered about how to make good cereal using high fibre cereal, Greek yogurt, low-fat milk and loaded with fruits.

As my motto of life is 'I Exist to Inspire', hopefully this would be a strong beginning to send out message of inspiration to all of you out there. Let's aiming for good balance of life, regardless what type of living you're into.

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Olivia Miwil said...

Good luck on losing your beer belly. But you are still skinny bah, ok, let me rephrase that...skinny people like us still want to stay healthy (we cant see the cholesterol plugging the vessel)