Surprisingly Taiwan

One thing I missed on my first ever trip to Taiwan in 2012 was to discover the demeanour of citizen in that country. It's all due to hectic schedules and in my mind the whole time was trying to play like local. So I don't really get the chance to interact with the people there and the next thing I know, I'm already at the airport ready to leave the country.

So on my second trip there recently, I finally realized something about the country. The people there no doubt very helpful even though some of them super poor in English. I still remember walked in to an ordinary normal street restaurant serving mixed rice. Well, I purposely searched that kind of shop when I can't bear my craving on regular meal anymore. To my surprise, the worker there been very helpful even though it's a self-service premise. She helped me from scooping rice till paying at counter. 

Nevertheless, of course my main highlight is the people and service at the hotel I stayed which is Mandarin Oriental Taipei. I came to Taiwan with uneasy mood because I've been struggling to figure out how am I going to settle the deposit matter since the organiser for the trip wasn't being helpful at all. 

I discovered even from the moment I emailed the hotel before flew there, their staffs were super helpful. When I reached the hotel, the picture became even clearer that Taiwan citizen are one of the kindest in the world. Everytime they bumped into me in every corners of the hotel, they bowed and greeted me. It's feel like a blessing. They never stop smiling and tried hard to facilitate me at their best. Now I wished I can stay longer there.

In my entire trips I've gone by far, Mandarin Oriental Taipei also no doubt the best I ever stayed. From the moment I stepped in, clearly it's a super fine hotel with vast interior decorations. The amazement became accelerated when I entered my room. All I can think is OH MY GOD. It looked like definitely a 7 stars hotel. I love every corner of it, the mini jacuzzi, the bed, the view, the study, the chilling sofa, everything about the room. Not forgotten, the breakfast selections are huge and can get anything from Asian delicacies to European pastries. Oh, I missed it!

To whom still unsure if Taiwan is worthy to visit to, I highly recommend you should go there. You won't lost, wifi is everywhere, pricing is not a big issue, safety level is excellent, and I hope you are a good cyclist. Bicycles for rental are available almost everywhere. Just one thing I didn't get to try, the public transportation especially subway. I guess I should come back there soon.

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