Life Is an Art.

I would like to share about what I have been into lately. Well, not actually just lately but I've been always being an art avid lover since forever especially photography.

But it doesn't mean I want to be a photographer, it's just that I love the feeling when I take a look at beautiful pictures. Whether they were done by professionals or amateurs, I believe everyone has the way of thinking creative and innovative.

I beat almost all can't live without scrolling their Instagram account nowadays and I admit that it's kinda my kind of obsession now. Especially the feeling when peoples liked my photo, that is an absolute satisfaction for me!

So back to my current addiction, after long time searching for the best concept and direction on my Instagram gallery, I finally decided to choose minimal type of photos. I'm not really sure what is the definition of minimal in photography itself but now I think I get it.

My only doubt is that there are so many Instagram users out there use the same concept too but again, creativity in the eyes of different beholders are different *peace sign*. In fact, it's good to having them especially the famous ones as references.

From now on, I will definitely documenting my daily life, travel, etc in the style of art piece (I try!). 

Recently, one of my pictures also being featured on one account specializing in minimal photos as their #potd aka Photo of the Day. What a good starter isn't it?!

But now I becoming more hungry to shoot more and more great photos to cater my satisfaction. I even planned to sign up for a workshop held in Singapore by one of the Instafamous mobile photographer, Jelito de Leon from Manila but just found out the fees is too expensive! I think I just have to let go even tho I really wish I can enroll at the workshop.

Meanwhile, for those who interested and especially Singaporeans or Malaysians or anyone who can afford the workshop feel free to register. Visit:

For me, next time!

Here are some of my trial photos and the responses weren't that bad tho!

 This is the one being featured on @awesomeminimal. Woot woot!

More to come! Stay tuned!

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