ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, CHECKED!

I don't usually take up any crappy challenge just because it's became viral and so does the talk-of-the-town Ice Bucket Challenge. Basically, it's a campaign to raise awareness about the disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Personally it's fun watching the peoples all over the world done it and never thought that it will invades Malaysia too. Seriously, never crossed in mind that I will be doing it and initially I have no intention to involved at all.

Until one of my best friend Lala nominated me and I noticed about it early morning this Tuesday. Speechless at first but all of sudden I got excited to take up the challenge coz why not since it's for a good purpose too.

The mechanism is so easy where when you got nominated, you have to do the challenge in 24 hours and don't forget to nominate four friends to do it next. But, be cautious on who you are nominating coz I don't think everyone willing to do it thus choose those who really have potential regardless they are your best friends.

note: Please head to my Facebook account to watch my video. :p

But, that's not the utmost point of doing it. To just having fun and complete the challenge means nothing if you don't donate. Trust me, at first I thought it will be the hardest part since the donation channel operated by the association itself from United States. Suprisingly, you can complete it less than 5 minutes.

All you have to do is go their website ALS Association, click the 'Donate' tab and fill the form. Walaaa. Super duper easy!

Then, after that you will get a notification in your email inbox straight away like this;

Most important, don't forget to check your account balance (I'm using my Debit Card).

All the best for the Ice Bucket Challenge and please DONATE.


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Angelina said...

It's good that you're doing both the challenge and the donation. Ada juga orang yang buat tu challenge just for the sake of because-i-was-nominated-and-it-is-fun. Good job!