Hi Sydney!

Traveling has been part of my life now. Yes, thanks to my job again I get to go even places I thought I can't afford to go for the rest of my life.

Recently, I went to Sydney for working purpose and as always I tried hard to make it feel like a real traveling experience. Been to Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, India, Singapore & Thailand taught me so many new things about travel.

But I guess it's not that adventurous in Sydney since the time was so limited. So, the 'adventurous' thing I did was exploring the city on my own. Obviously, Sydney is a very nice place where you can really feel super safe but most probably the thing I loved the most was because it's winter now there.

I don't really have to flag onto any taxi to get somewhere since the temperature itself is already cold. I enjoyed walking around in the coldness without sweating and feel tired.

Beside the temperature, it was nice to see antic buildings everywhere, nice places to eat and lot of malls to shop. BTW, I stayed at Holiday Inn in Chinatown and I think it is a very strategic place to stay.

I think I just covered not even 5% of Sydney and definitely would like to come back again. Peoples there also super nice and really helpful.

So basically, what I did during the trip were dining at the famous restaurant Hurricane's Grill Steakhouses, trying pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks, took some shots at Sydney Opera House (so tourist....gahhh!), invading Chinatown and lastly accidently shopped some shoes (I'm a shoe lover fyi).

 Studying the map on my 1st day.

Found a fresco after my name while wandering around waiting to be seated at Hurricanes Grill Steakhouses. Ain't it cool?!! *facepalm*

 Amazing night view + the coldness, perfect!

 Mesmerized by the architecture of Queen Victoria Building.

 The shot I cannot wait and must to take.

 Just breathtaking. Sydney cove.

 The very last item I purchased. It's from Topshop at AUD40.

 Guess how much this is?...................Just AUD15 (MYR45). Worth  it!

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