The Fault In Our Stars sucks big time!

If you think of disagree with the title, stop right there. I'm not going to condemn the talk-of-the-town movie right now The Fault In Our Stars. Why? Because personally me myself loved it!

Anyway, to be honest I bought the novel by John Green long ago way before it gets overrated and I'm sure there are fews bought the book after knowing it was filming onto movie.

Somehow, I kinda worried if the film gonna be a failure since the novel itself already sooo damn good!

I got more excited and can't wait to watch the movie directed by Josh Boone and went to the cinema recently. I guess, the excitement will be more if you go watching it with your loved one and for me, I went just alone. tsk tsk

I had heard several reviews before that and was told it's gonna be so tearful. Indeed it was maybe because I read it on novel before, that's why I can relate to every scenes and can feel their emotions at all time.

One thing, the both main casts Shailene Woodley as Hazel and Ansel Elgort as Gus apparently did well as per I know they are both newcomers.

Yup, no doubt there are bunches of things not included into the movie but still, the plot is well-planned, the casts are awesome and most of all, I love when it was directed effortlessly. It's feel real, not exaggerated, and was pictured brilliantly a normal life.

But maybe those who not yet read the book will finding it hard to get into the story and I actually got few totally different reviews from others.

A friend of mine can't take it at all, said it was sucks big time and listed the things she didn't like about it. Not few, many factors. On the other hand, a friend apparently sooo loving it and said he cried like four times the whole movie. FYI, both never read the book.

So I guess, I will still stick to that thought that ones should reserve his/her personal opinion to himself/herself only and never feel bad of recommending tho.

Love, love, love the book! Thank you for your beautiful masterpiece John Green.

In cinema now! 
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Lala Koh said...

Oh No! Kau marah saya komen pasal tu movie?? Alaaaaa, I was only disappointed with the movie. I said nothing about the novel! I mean, if it's really a good movie, it will surely be able to stand up by itself. See, the novel and the movie are two totally different things. Sabar bha kauuu ahahaha :p

Lala Koh said...
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