Let's Korea!

While doing nothing this first Eid, I decided to brush up my vocal and Youtubeing some karaoke of my favourite songs.

But before I can even start to warm up my voice (fyi, I sing for fun only, not a singer tho), I stumbled on this one ads that really glued my sight.

I'm not really that kind of contest hunter but once in a while, I like to try on my luck by participating some promising contest. Especially when the prizes are travelling to another countries, it's really pumping me up.

One thing, especially when the contest don't get me into hassle, then why not? And this one does! It's a super simple contest, just filling the form and if you win, South Korea is waiting for you.

I always wanted to go to Korea especially when I heard the country has so many beautiful places. Watched dramas and films from the country also triggered me to go there becoz I just love their language! (not intended to really learn it, more just love to listen them speaking)

Plus, I heard that Seoul is like a shopping heaven. Although I'm not that one of a shopaholic persons, but I imagining I can find so many good things there for me. (hope so!)

But the point is, I would like everyone else try this contest. Who knows you're the lucky one. Well, I don't really have interest by doing this (not appointed to blog this by anyone) it's just that I love to share good things. ;)))

So, this is it. First thing first, go to this website Tour Imagination, register yourself, and fill the form! Easy one, no worries!

Amusing right?!

The form.

Even listed are the itinerary for the trip later and there's another contest going on at that site. So, it's your turn!

Not putting high hopes to get selected but yeah, I do hope I'm the lucky one.

BTW, to all muslims, Selamat Hari Raya/Blessed Eid!!!

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