Lorde's big hug!

Hey blog.

I'm glad knowing that i was born as a big dreamer even up until now, dreaming wild and outta world are kind of my everyday routine.

For me, I want to change entirely the concept of 'ridiculous' into 'possible' and I know someday my hard-works will be paid off.

Coming from countryside where there's nothing really you can do, that was how it all started. Of course we were exposed with everything going on in the world. the problem is, we only get to witness and enjoyed it through watching TV.

And I'm lucky enough managed to get out from my hometown and explore more the outside world plus get to earned my dream job. *onedreamaccomplished*

Being a music lover since kid, meeting your idol definitely one thing that we must achieve in life. No matter meeting her/him/them in personal or go to their concert or win 'meet & greet' passes, at least we must accomplished ones.

Thanks to my job in particular, I done meeting a lot of big names in world's music scene. But I would never forget this one when I almost losing hope of meeting her.

No doubt, Lorde is one of the greatest singer-songwriter ever existed so far. The moment I heard Royals not so long ago, I knew that young girl is really special by just analyzing her sound.

It happened that she's on tour in Australia which supposed to be done around April to June this year. Luckily she postponed it to recently in this month.

When I said I almost losing hope, at first I'm not the one supposed to be sent to her concert in Sydney last July 12. But due to been postponed, my colleague decided to pull off from the trip. And as for me, I've been praying hard wishing I can fill the spot after he decided not to go and I got sent.

During the concert at Hordern Pavilion, I can't even describe how awesome and amazing Lorde on stage. She may be alone (regardless the band at the back) but she nailed it!

Right after the concert done, we were brought to backstage or I think it's more a holding room for 'meet & greet' session. At first, I thought there will be bunches of fans joining the session apparently not. Only Malaysian group which were only 5 of us given the privilege to meet her.

Surely I'm nervous not knowing how she is in person but what had happened was totally unforgettable. Lorde obviously so friendly in person, she's easygoing, she's a hugger, she's fun, she's awesomazing! She's even said she like my glasses. *wink*

Well, up till now I can't believe I actually already met her since all this while I think this would never happens. Thanks for the hugs Lorde and hope to meet you again soon!

Here is the moment!!!

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