Coffee hunting 1.0 : Wood & Steel, TTDI

Referring to the title, I really shouldn't to call it so since basically what I am doing is just cruising over the city (I mean KL) for good spot to chill. Yeah, been addicted lately to hunt cool places (or should I categorized it hipster spots) for the sake of coffees and taking photos.

I must admit, most probably my main reason is definitely to take photos and share it on my Instagram. But, as I cruised over several places opened up some perspectives to concern about.

Is that place really served good coffee/foods? Is it worth it to hang out? Or too overrated? Maybe just depending on the cool interior designs? Yeah, I began to realise it.

So recently I went to this so famous cafe called Wood & Steel. It's in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Petaling Jaya, and frankly it was a impromptu idea to hang out there. Me and my friends were at a food bazaar before and since we cannot bear the hot weather coz it's outdoor, so we decided to find some place with air-conditioner.

Basically, I didn't really in the mood for eating that time and just ordered chicken wings with iced latte. I just felt that I need to have something cold and not my fav hot cappuccino as usual. The taste were good I must say but not really fancied me.

No offence but judging on my first visit, the real deal of the cafe is actually its interior designs. Yeah, I should admit the place was fancy although we've been talking about some little things should not have been putting there.

It's make me wondering why peoples keep coming there, is really for the sake of the foods and drinks or the place? Don't get me wrong but I will definitely wanna come back again to Wood & Steel to give a try to another meals soon and for a cappuccino, of course!

P/S: So sorry, I forgot to take the crucial photos which are the foods and drinks. Haha!

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