Dream Trip to Macau!

A friend of mine went to Macau recently. At first, I'm like yeahhh he went for work purpose, maybe? Then my heart not really pounding (normally it will) expecting his trip will be just flat becoz he's working while not knowing he'll be doing something I will definitely envied.

When he started posting his photos there, I'm like totally overwhelmed and obviously envy to the max noticing he's on a cloud nine. Surely, the trip he had gone really opened my eyes to finally put Macau in my travel bucketlist.

The one that definitely caught me was when he did the bungee jumping from on top of the Macau tower. I mean, yeahhh I actually planning to do my very first bungee jump in New Zealand all this while but not anymore. From the top of Macau tower, can you imagine? THAT WOULD BE SUPER AWESOME!!!

Secondly, another one of dream places none other than Venice (who don't wanna go there?!!) and just discovered Macau can promise such atmosphere at The Venetian. Yeahhh, based on the name only, we already can feel the heat, aren't we? I heard (well I saw from the photos actually), the place is a must-visit in Macau especially those who love arts and absolutely shopping!

Lastly, as I got my own principles of travelling, I better leave third one blank since I would love to surprise myself. You know that feeling when we just want to discover something out of the blue. Doesn't matter it is already discovered or not, but obviously that would be more than exciting. Bumped into kind-hearted citizens, lost in some cool places, found some good foods, it could be anything! 

Well, I did this post in conjunction of the contest conducted by Macau Government Tourist Officer and Nuffnang Malaysia just to try my luck this time. Plus, yeahhh now Macau is one of my bucketlist to visit, fingers crossed my dream will comes true. 

And oh ya, dear organisers, don't hesitate to send me coz I definitely will make sure to have fun there regardless to flood my every social medias form with updates while I'm there. *puppyface*


The Travelling 3o said...

Good luck!! We just posted about our 8 days trip to Melbourne aand Tasmania. Feel free to browse at www.thetravelling3o.com

Thank you & all the best!!!

Potato Queen said...

Great blog! All the best!
The travel blogger,

Melvin Paul said...

Nice write up! Macau looks very interesting!

Chengy Wong said...

Nice write up about Macau. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Georgie J said...

Thanks for dropping by. Likewise if you're in the contest. 😊