Worth The Wait!

First and foremost, I'm not a gadget pro. Well, I'm not consider myself as ones. I'm not the person who racing over new gadgets unlike others (well, I see many by far) and prefer to just stick to things I think just do justice to me.

But, it comes lately that in order to fulfill everything I love to do right at the moment, gadgets seem really come in handy. Especially towards my so ambitious passion on becoming a great photographer in Instagram. Seems like my Samsung Note 2 can't really defeat the output photos of an iPhone.

Well, not just that, frankly speaking, one of my resolutions this year is collecting gadgets. When I decided that, I actually doubt myself whether I can do it or not since those surely involving lotsa pennies.

The solution I took in order to strongly do it eventually is just not overthinking about it. At the same time, I worked hard to of course topup my saving on top of my necessary expanses each month.

So, few months back, I'm dying to get myself an iPhone as I heard new model which is iPhone 6 will be out soon. I'm sooo excited especially when I saw the leaked design and hundred percent determined to get one. Sadly, the turnout was really put me down and made up my mind to just bought the iPhone 5S.

The purchase officially completed my bucketlist this year which I already got myself a MacBook, digital camera and of course my new baby 5S.

I hate to elaborate what all those for but surely I might need them real soon. Well, I think I just made the resolution possible and it's quite a personal achievement for me to eventually like DID IT! True enough, I must say now I truly believe the idioms "Good things come to him who waits". 

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