One of the fearful or I must say stressful things in world is definitely expectations. If could, I prefer to make something the simplest it can be rather than put burdens to myself on fulfilling someone's expectation.

But, knowing the world today (or maybe I must say since then), expectations are too subjective to talk about. We don't really know and can't read someone's thought when it goes to it. That's the part when we'll get stressful and sometimes feeling to immediately give up.

Speaking of which, I finally gutted myself to initiate my own YouTube channel for my singing. It took years for me to do so coz I don't want to make it looks effortless till the point I think I should just leggo that intention.  But, to think serious about it, why not? Better start now than nothing.

As expected, with minor skills with recording + editing, materials, and not so ready vocal, so far the outputs need lots to improve (like massive2 improvement). Been getting so many critics & cynical feedbacks compare to supportive comments. But really, I wasn't negatively affected by that so far and absolutely take all critics to be better.

Me myself wanted to see better progress to what I'm working at, the vocals, recording wise and definitely how to be different. Yas, all of that are not easy since I do it on my own.

One thing, I surely believed that as long as I'm working hard and add-on my enthusiasm, I may doing great one day. Fingers crossed (I know lots of concerned peoples put high expectations on me).

On another note, I'm looking for anyone who willing to maybe teach me how to do proper recording. Or maybe a guitarist for raw live recording. Anyways, feel free to check out my covers on my YouTube channel;


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